The company ADOMA GmbH

Fields of business activities

With its 8 different fields of business activities ADOMA is represented in a wide range. Starting from articles for the toy industry, Technical Parts for domestic appliance, agricultural goods, laboratory equipment, the dairy industry, electronic and electrical parts or also up to promtional items - you encounter ADOMAs' products almost every day. This diversification is vital for long-term business.

ADOMA Sponsoring

Beside all this, ADOMA supports the regional clubs and organisations with articles. ADOMAs' products perfectly suit events, catering, all  sports like football, handball, volleyball or simply for the fans. Please ask our supporting team!

ADOMA's annual technical award

Installing the Wangen Technical Highschool in 2009 at the Friedrich-Schiedel-Schule ADOMA's annual technical award goes to the best of class in the faculty of technique as well as technical management. A good start into the real life!


We have been growing for more than 30 years at our location at Wangen. In the meantime 99 coworkers, so called co-entrepreneurs, participate in the success of ADOMA. So growth with your tasks is our pleasure and ambition!