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Spender M 0,5 l

Our ‘little one’ for the kids or in between also for adults. Useful for familyhotels, schools,…
Volume 500 ml.

On request we can produce matching design bottle holders which are flexible, particularly breakproof and ultra-light in which the bottle can be carried and the beltclip Flashy.

Standard bottle colours: transparent, silver, pearlwhite, red, darkblue, black - other colours on request!

Lid colours: black/black, black/red, blue/black, blue/red

Decoration: up to 5 colours

Item/ Volume Shape/ Size Packing Unit [cm] Boxsize [cm] Imprint Area bxh [mm]
Spender M (0,5l/500cc) Ø 73 mm H: 190 mm 50 60x40x30 220x60 + 220x10
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