Sport gets you going. And we are quickly up to the mark: in plastics.
The advantages of ADOMA sportsbottles:

  • free of plasticisers
  • free of Bisphenol-A
  • neutral taste and smell
  • reuseable
  • easy handling for cleaning of bottle and lid
  • dimensionally stable
  • suitable for hot drinks up to 80°C and carbonated drinks (>1 bar automatic security bleeding) and so ideal for all seasons
  • extra large opening, useful for soluble energy drinks and even large ice cubes
  • ideal surface for printing
  • match in all bike bottle holders with EU-norm
 Our bottles are in accordance with:
  • LFBG, §31, Abs. 1 
  • perspiration/ saliva DIN V 53160 1+2
  • LFBG §30/31, Regulation 1935/2004, plastics guideline 2002/72/EC with changes
  • Total Cadmium 2002/95/EG
  • global migration §82/711/EC and 85/572/EC
  • heavy metals according to the packaging guidelines 94/62/EC