Quality & Environment


DQS Germany has had continuous certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 since 1998. In addition, since 2004, the Social Compliance Audit of The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, has been consistently successful, which is repeated at regular intervals by a few independent, foreign institutes.

Reusable concept

ADOMA produces with a material whose resources are limited. That is why there has only been a reusable and not a disposable cup program since the launch of promotional items, for which 500 wash cycles are guaranteed. This corresponds to a daily use of more than 1 1/2 years, both for the article itself and for the printing. There is no loss of any part of the base material, as the processed thermoplastics are completely recycled. With the largest customers, a pendulum system has also been set up in the packaging area, in which the cardboard boxes are reused on average 5 times.




Heat recovery system

In addition, a so-called heat recovery system has been in use since it was founded in 1978. The entire building wing is heated with the waste heat from the machines, even in winter. A solar system with self-consumption supports energy in the same way as it is planned in the near future to supply neighboring buildings in the industrial area with waste heat.

Injection molding machines are real "energy guzzlers", which is why low-energy machines are increasingly used for new investments. The purchase is more expensive, but in addition to the cost aspect, the environment is also affected in the long term. With us, as far as possible, not.


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